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Back to work

It’s great to be at work in the new studio at last. I’ll get around to posting some pictures of it soon, I’m still feeling out the space. In the meantime here’s a new one I quite like. She fell … Read More

The Common Quiet

  My latest exhibition will open in at the Eric Schindler Gallery in Richmond Virginia on November 16, 2018. Please join me for the artist reception that Friday evening from 7-9pm.

Some days. especially summery days, you just have to put everything on hold and go to the shore. Beavertail State Park is my favorite place to go; it’s all rocks shoals and tidal pools. No sandy barefoot beaches to be … Read More

done and delivered!

New pieces now available at the Moberg Gallery in Des Moines, Iowa. Check them out and if you’ve got a really big wall and you’re interested hop over to the gallery and see them in person.

This is a big country

  I just returned from driving halfway across this country to hand deliver new work to the Moberg Gallery in Des Moines, Iowa and then onto Kansas City to hand off more artwork that will be making it’s way to … Read More

The Hope of Beauty

Friday, December 9, at 7:00pm I will be speaking at Calvin Presbyterian Church in Cumberland Rhode Island. I titled the lecture, The Hope of Beauty – or maybe the Beauty of Hope – it depends on what you look at. … Read More

Silent Things open next month!

My newest work will be exhibited at the Eric Schindler Gallery in Richmond, VA November 18 through December 21. I will be in town for the artist reception on Friday November 18 from 7-9om. Come on by and see what … Read More

On the task of website redesign

I would love to have entitled this post “New and Improved Website; Fully Functional, Updated and Without Typos.” Yes, I would have loved that. But we all know that isn’t really a possibility. I have stared so many hours at … Read More