Monoprints, woodblock and more

Woodblock Monoprints

My collections of monoprints are created from a library of woodblock and etching plates.  Each print is different in it’s overlapping and combining of plates, as well as it’s colors and ink density. I love watching how the plates interact with one another and change as they are paired with different plates in different colors. The more plates on a monoprint the more difficult the print is, with more chances for a stray mark, a mis-registered plate or simply a bad overlap. Some prints can have up to 12 plates interacting and engaging with one another.

Smaller prints are printing on my press usually on Rives BFK, Arches or Stonehenge paper. Larger prints are printed by hand on beautifully thin Mullberry paper. 

See currently available Monoprints here in my shop or at Art & Light Gallery.