Cilantro #1

Woodblock Monoprint
Mulberry paper mounted on cradled wood panel
3×3 inches

Spices pack a powerful punch in a small package, they add color and bring out the life in a dish. So it seemed perfect to me to name these mini-but-mighty prints after different spices. (Also I love to cook and it just makes me happy). Each monoprint is created on mulberry paper from overlapping wood plates. The paper is then mounted onto wood panels using acid-free rice starch glue. I carefully wrap the print around the edges creating a tiny block of colors. They are beautiful on their own, but in a grouping they are stunning. So buy a few and create your own Spice Cabinet!

Panels are not wired do that you can hang them in any direction you like, interacting with other spice prints! You can even try them hanging as a diamond.

Please note: To maintain the texture and beauty of the paper, the prints are not sealed. Please don’t hang them in the bathroom or any steamy situation. Paper, ink and glue are archival. Every effort is made to capture the color correctly, however I can’t account for differences of screen setting and device.