The little lake I made for you

Acrylic paint and mediums on deep cradled wood panel
18x18x1.75 inches

The little lake I made for you is a rich tapestry of colors and geometric elements. The color palette used is wide-ranging, with dominance of earthy tones like ochre and muted greens, as well as deep reds and soothing blues. The composition is segmented into shapes and planes that create a dynamic tension within the piece. The upper region of the canvas depicts softer tones and less defined shapes, moving into an area with sharp geometric forms, such as triangles and trapezoids outlined in darker lines, evidencing a judicious use of chiaroscuro to create depth. Beneath this, a large, curved form dominates the lower portion, rendered in a contrasting blue that gives the impression of volume and space. The disparate elements suggest a careful balance between harmony and contrast, allowing for a visual exploration of form and depth that keeps the viewer engaged. The understated use of line work adds a subtle texture to the piece without overpowering the softer aspects of the painting.

Alright, I had to try Ai descriptions once. It’s not bad, very cold and distant, but I suppose that what I would expect from a computer looking at a painting. What the above description fails to tell you is the storytelling aspect of this painting. The etched lines highlight the in’s and out’s of a tiny, intimate narrative. You could look at this painting for hours and still see something new.

Wired and ready to hang, edges are white with artists mark, signed in bottom right corner.


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