Get out of hand

This painting is one in a series of pocket paintings of Idioms. Within my current scope of examining the relationships between the individual and cultural, especially historical culture, I came up an advertisement for bad breath from the 1920’s. The people in the add had quotes in boxes over there mouths and I instantly fell in love with the metaphor. Some one literally put words in their mouths. After manipulating the images and created a screen of them I have incorporated them into theses paintings. Over top the blank mouthed people are layers of etched letters, forming no true words. These piece are about time and change and impatience. They are about the changeability of language and it’s meanings. I use idioms for the titles because I cannot think of a more fitting way to call attention to the nonsensical nature of words.

The painting is 4×6 inches on cradled wood with a finished edge in natural wax.


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