For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

I spend a lot of my time thinking about the unseen. It is a place I like to dwell. My paintings and prints explore this. They are about many things, places, people (nouns, I suppose). They are my processing of life. Many people keep a diary or journal; I have never been good at that. But the paintings - they are record of my living. I record in color and line, texture and form. I believe we as people are many things. That we are formed and known and in turn desire to do the same. We were made to seek  - beauty, justice, truth - things unseen -  and to make them visible through our lives.

On this site you will also find some listings of articles, workshops, and lectures I have given over the years. I have always been fascinated with why we are creative beings and how that creativity manifests itself in our daily lives. I believe that within each one of us is the innate desire to create - it is folded within our making.

I currently reside in the tiny beautiful state of Rhode Island. I am mostly in the studio and available for workshops and lectures on a limited basis.

For information about any of the pieces on this site, available workshops, or to book a lecture or workshop, or to tell me what you really think, please email me at

A selected list of past exhibitions and galleries

Interview on the AM Frequency Podcast

Want to know more about what I do? Listen to my interview with Alex Mejias on the AM Frequency Podcast.


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Knowing your context

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Past Lectures


I have had the great joy and privilege to work with many Art Museums, Art Leagues, Schools, Universities, and other Non-Profit Organizations over these past many years. Whether teaching technique and skill through workshops and seminars, or discussing theory, history and research at a lecture or conference; being involved with others in these ways is inspiring and challenging to me as an artist. If you would like to more about any of these programs or to contact me about availability please email me

  • Contemporary Beauty: An Examination of Aesthetics within Contemporary Art, Virginia Museum of Fine Art
  • Postmodernism and Personal Identity: A look at the shifting roles of portraiture in
  • Postmodernism, Virginia Museum of Fine Art
  • The Mould and Deckle: An overview of Papermaking, Virginia Museum of Fine Art
  • The Figure in Art: A Survey, Various Organizations
  • The Anatomy of a Painting: A look at the fundamental elements of Art within masterpieces, Westminster Canterbury Summer Lecture Series
  • Art and The Narrative: a study of story throughout Art History, Westminster Canterbury Lecture Summer Series July 2011
  • Impressionism: Influences and Impacts, Westminster Canterbury Lecture Summer Series
  • Creativity, Your Brain and 1000 Grains of Rice: What current neuroscience can tell us about being creative, Virginia Association of Independent Schools
  • Art and Social Action: Using the Arts to teach Engagement and Empathy, Virginia Association of Independent Schools
  • The Other Side of Inspiration: a discussion with R. Sawan White on creativity, Orchard House School
  • The Makers Series: with author Amy Julia Becker, artist R. Sawan White and musician Andy Zipf
  • Education Panel Contributor, Common Good RVA 2014 Conference: an exploration of faith, neighborhoods, and vocation