R. SawanWhite


Current Exhibtion


July 3-31, 2021

Atelier Gallery

Nelson, New Zealand
Hope – it’s a four-letter word that whispers, one day things will become better. Yet, in a world dominated by stories of tragedy, misery, and pain, an act of hope counters this prevailing tide with images and stories that value life itself.This exhibition fuses the concepts of beauty and hope to create an experience that values life and the resilience of humanity. Experiencing beauty, whether in images, music, or even a sunset, has the powerful potential to move our hearts to hope and energize us to act upon it.
Artists: Emma Marie, Mary Spacapan, Christine Hunter, R. Sawan White, Caroline Burton, Tracy Croucher, Nadia Downing.


R. Sawan White is a contemporary artist currently living in New England…


Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of the studio? Here’s your chance. 
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Take a peek into my creative process, aesthetic theory, and general thoughts on being an artist  with Unseeing.


Do Good

Beauty and Justice go hand in hand and we need to strive toward both. Each month I link to a favorite organization of mine doing good in this world. This months organization:


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