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Artist Lecture

July 16, 2021 8pm (EST)/ July 17, 2021 12pm (NZST)

A LIVE EVENT streaming from the artist’s studio in the US and ATELIER GALLERY, Nelson, New Zealand

In Search of Beauty, In light of Hope

The search for Beauty is a universal, unyielding longing toward things being made right, whether in the aesthetic, physical, or spiritual realm. Notions of contemporary Beauty are wrapped up in concepts of justice, the sublime and even in some cases faith. The work of R. Sawan White embodies a seeking toward Beauty and our relationship with it as it mirrors our relationship with the spiritual. Join an international conversation with the artist as she speaks about her work, it’s path and process, and the relevance of beauty today.



R. Sawan White is a contemporary artist currently living in New England…


Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of the studio? Here’s your chance. 
Sometimes watching paint dry is fun.



New work from the studio as well as selected paintings from past exhibitions




Take a peek into my creative process, aesthetic theory, and general thoughts on being an artist  with Unseeing.


Do Good

Beauty and Justice go hand in hand and we need to strive toward both. Each month I link to a favorite organization of mine doing good in this world. This months organization:


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