We all eat flowers in the end

Acrylic and mediums on cradled wood panel
24x18in (61x46cm)
unfinished wood edges

Grief. We all know it. We all live with it, or near enough to to it know it’s taste. For some of us it skirts the edges of our days and throbs relentlessly into our nights. It is a tricky little thing which will in the end find each of us. It is patient and quiet and if it has a super power at all, it is this – that through it we feel and know what and who was worth it.

The new work on the easel right now is exploring those corner. It is adornment of grief and loss; not in a melancholy, wallowing way but in a sense of grateful acknowledgment that to feel the loss of something means that there was something worth feeling to begin with. Lots of growing imagery is coming out – gardens, skies, expanses – metered out with color and softness. The below painting is the first in this vein, taking so much in and turning it out into something growing.


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