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  • Fine Art Print of original painting
  • paper size 5″x7″ print approx. 3.3″x5″
  • Signed on front and titled on back

About Pocket Paintings
I started painting Pocket Paintings in 2004. I painted a tiny painting, so small it fit into the interior pocket of my beautiful sky blue winter coat. I slide the tiny piece in there and carried it around all day. No none knew, I didn’t show it to anyone. But I knew. And I felt different. I felt stronger and more connected, I knew that I had a bit of beauty with me during my rote daily jobs. With the very presence of this little painting everything became more. More intentional, more important, more valuable, more imbued with beauty. Since then I have painted hundreds of pocket paintings. While most of them have sold, the prints of the originals are now available.

Each reproduction is the actual size of the original pocket painting. They are printed on archival paper with archival ink. Prints are an inexpensive way to add some color to any nook or cranny in your home or office and still support your local artist.

Each print is sold separately and unframed. Group your favorites together for a complete focal wall.