I’m not sure the courses, but around they move

Acrylic paint and pencil on wood panel. Unframed.

3″x 3″






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I’ve been painting pocket paintings for years. They came out of day when I had a little painting in the pocket of my coat all day. I loved that little secret, and found myself kind of giddy all day. It got me thinking how would we change if we carried a bit of something beautiful, a tiny bit of art, in our pocket. So I started painting tiny pocket-sized paintings and haven’t stopped.

So go ahead and carry it around, tuck it into a tiny wasted wall space – enjoy something beautiful when it’s least expected.

Most pocket paintings are painted onto primed pieces of 1×4 board that I cut myself. While they are approximately 3×5 inches, the sizes can vary slightly…because I’m not that great with a saw.