Hiding the patterns in upside down stacking

Acrylic and mediums on canvas

40 inches x 48 inches

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I finished this painting in the past couple months as I was thinking a lot about systemic injustices lurking in the dusty corners of our culture. I think of the pain and hate and inequity placed neatly upside-down on the shelves, obsuring the patterns year after year until we, the ones who did the stacking, forget that they are there.
It’s good to see the patterns being exposed, the corners cleaned out, and the junk that is in our souls come to light.

The forms in this painting stand and topple, with so many layers of imagery beneath them I lost track the number. Honestly, I have this piece where I can see it everyday (until it finds a new home) because there is so much to see and so many places to sit in it.

Gallery wrapped canvas, unframed