Object lessons for the tired

When trying to explain a difficult or abstract concept we often grope around for a tangible object or example to better explain our idea. Hence the phrase object lesson – a lesson using an object. As this year has unfolded with protests and pandemic, natural disasters and elections; I have continually found myself at a loss for words, unable to comprehend the information and emotion flood. I was groping around looking for a way to wrap words around the mess that was my thoughts; always feeling at least one step removed from the depth and strength of everything pressing on our society. This body of work is my object lesson for this time period. Abstraction speaks to things that are unseen, things without representational form, but solid and real nonetheless. It is the language that relies not on concrete words to express concept but sits a few layers deeper into the nameless. I see each of these pieces as an object lesson to our souls, speaking not of things that need to be learned and felt by our minds; but of the things that linger formless on the edges.

2020 Exhibition at Eric Schindler Gallery