About and Contact

For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

I spend a lot of my time thinking about the unseen. It is a place I like to dwell. My paintings and prints explore this. They are about many things, places, people (nouns, I suppose). They are my processing of life. Many people keep a diary or journal; I have never been good at that. But the paintings - they are record of my living. I record in color and line, texture and form. I believe we as people are many things. That we are formed and known and in turn desire to do the same. We were made to seek  - beauty, justice, truth - things unseen -  and to make them visible through our lives.

On this site you will also find some listings of articles, workshops, and lectures I have given over the years. I have always been fascinated with why we are creative beings and how that creativity manifests itself in our daily lives. I believe that within each one of us is the innate desire to create - it is folded within our making.

I currently reside in the tiny beautiful state of Rhode Island. I am mostly in the studio and available for workshops and lectures on a limited basis.

For information about any of the pieces on this site, available workshops, or to book a lecture or workshop, or to tell me what you really think, please email me at inquiries@rsawanwhite.com.